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Detention Pond

Detention Ponds Ponds are a great addition to any outdoor space. And at Capital Environmental Services, we can design and build any type that will complement your outdoor area. And there is one type that most of our clients within Austin prefer. They like detention ponds. This type of water feature is preferred by most Texas residents because of the State’s climate condition, and detention basins are designed to help protect homes and landscapes against floods as well as erosion.

Landscape-Worthy Detention Ponds

When people think about detention ponds, they usually think about man-made bodies of water, nothing else. However, just because they are intended to protect residents from floods, doesn't mean that the beautifying factor should be compromised. We believe in the benefits of having beautiful landscape features, and detention ponds are no exception. Our team of creative designers can incorporate stylish designs to make them look as stunning as possible. We can even add aquatic fishes and plants to enhance their appeal even more. Plants such as dogwood daisies, wild irises, Indian grass, and annual rye grow well in loamy and clay types of soil. These are great species to plant near your detention pond to enhance its beauty while adding to its main function.

Benefits of Detention Ponds

Detention Ponds
  • Storm water management.

    During storms, flooding is quite common, and the state of Texas is not exempted from this. A large volume of water can be too much for pipes and drains. Detention ponds store excess water temporarily as they deposit it slowly into another water outlet. In this way, it can have more time to flow slowly, thus preventing any further damage to its surroundings.

  • Soil erosion prevention.

    Because it slows down rainwater runoff, soil is not pressured to move away from where it is supposed to be sitting. Landscapes and natural soil formations are, therefore, maintained.

  • Water conservation.

    A detention pond stores water which could be wasted instantly if left running off to pipes and drains. With the use of detention basins, water can be stored long enough to be used for irrigation and more.

  • Recreation and relaxation.

    During months where rain and floods are minimal, a detention pond is a great place for you and your family to have outdoor activities or to simply relax. That is why it should be built by creative landscapers to maximize its functionality.

Beautiful and Functional Detention Ponds from CES Austin

So if you need functional and beautiful detention ponds, give Capital Environmental Services a call. Several Austin residents are already enjoying the benefits of this type of water feature. It’s time for you to have this in your property too.

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